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Aleksandrs Grīva uses his motorsport experience in the film industry and has participated in many movie and filming projects and cooperates with several production and private companies performing various tasks with cars in different types of action scenes. As well Aleksandrs is a precision driver for company "Witkitwhich is offering an Ultra arm car chase and filming solutions.


Stunt and precision driver Aleksandrs Griva 

Below are latest movie and filming projects: 

  • «Luminor, Black Rider», TV commercial, director Pauls Ķesteris, 2023 - Ultra arm precision driver
  • «Harbin», scenes footage in Riga, Korean movie, director Min-ho Woo2023 - Stunt driver
  • «Pan Samochodzik i templariusze», scenes footage in Riga, Polish movie, director Antoni Nykowski2022 - Ultra arm precision driver
  • «Formula 1 Redbull Show Run» , event - promo video, 2022 - Ultra arm precision driver
  • «Luminor, Daily», TV commercial > videodirector Pauls Ķesteris, 2022 - Ultra arm precision driver
  • «CSDD» and «Citybee» social campaign, 2022 - stunt driver / car crashing coordinator, 
  • «Arnold Cautious and the lucky stone» scenes footage in Rīga, Finish movie, director Arto Halonen, 2022 - Black arm precision driver
  • «Sisi» HBO season 2 scenes footage in VilniusAustrian drama series, director Miguel Alexandre / Sven Bohse, 2022 - Ultra arm precision driver 
  • «NESTE»TV commercial 2022 - Ultra arm precision driver
  • «Sisi» HBO scenes footage in VilniusAustrian drama series, director Miguel Alexandre / Sven Bohse, 2022 - Ultra arm precision driver
  • «The Invisible Fight» scenes footage in Liepāja, comedy movie, director Rainer Samet, DoP Mart Taniel, 2021 - Ultra Arm precision driver
  • «LMT 5G»TV commercial, director Jānis Nords, 2021 - Jib arm precision driver > video from the action
  • «Young Wallander» Netflix scenes footage in Vilnius, Swedish crime series, director Jens Jonsson, 2021 - Ultra arm precision driver 
  • «Circenīša Ziemassvētki»scenes footage in Riga citycomedy movie, director  Aigars Grauba, 2021 - Ultra arm precision driver > video from the action 
  • «The Piper» scenes footage in Smeceres sils, horror movie , director Anthony Waller, 2020 - Ultra arm precision driver 
  • «Gomorrah» 5th season2nd unit scenes footage in RigaItalian crime drama series, director Marco D’amore, 2020 - Ultra arm precision driver 
  • «With one eye open» 2nd unit scenes footage in VilniusSwedish crime series, director Lubomir Misak, 2020 - Ultra arm precision driver 
  • «Samuela lidojums»movie, director Aiks Karapetjans, 2020 - Ultra arm precision driver
  • Latvijas Valsts Ceļi, TV commercial video 2020 - Stunt driver
  • Latvijas Valsts Ceļi, TV commercial > video 2019 - Stunt driver and 2nd role actor
  • Latvijas Valsts Ceļi, TV commercial > video 2018 - Stunt driver



If you need an assistance in filming or movie project related to the car action, car stunt or moving type of action footage using Ultra Arm vehicle - don't hesitate to contact us! 

Phone: +371 26338663
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Car crash stunt driver Aleksandrs Griva 
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